Interchange London

Image video for London's newest co-working space, Interchange London, located in the heart of Camden Market.

Various image and project videos for the real estate start-up The aim was to highlight the benefits of this new system of financing for real estate projects.
Video example 1
Video example 2

Fashiontech Berlin 2016

An event video for Berlin's biggest tech-fashion event, Fashiontech Berlin 2016

Videopath's Guide to Berlin

A client project for Videopath, a video start up based in Berlin.

The Dream

Multimedia Production Project at the Kadir Has University. Free topic.
I choose a dream sequence that reoccured in my dreams very often.

A Syrian Man

An university project with the Kadir Has University in Istanbul about a Syrian Refugee, who fled from war to craft his skills in architecture to rebuild his city, Aleppo.